Thesis Part 4

We here at the Golden Circle tend to see the merit to both sides of this philosophical coin: In the messy scheme of things, dogmatic rigidity and Whitman-esque optimism both have their place. We even see some use in abject despair.

the action at the tollgate

The fact is, this issue of ever-increasing entropy (for our purposes, we’re speaking of the downward spiral of decay awaiting everything in existence throughout all eternity until the universe itself peters out in a mournful heat death) is indeed thorny, but we feel it’s best considered in the light of a story we were told once.

the world mellowed by whiskey

The story concerns our old friends from back east, Spartan Pete and Franzie Louis. They are men of a certain age, belonging to a time now faded. They speak in antique, outer borough accents and seem to spend an inordinate amount of time discussing things like point spreads and cathode ray repair.

Spartan Pete & Franzie Louis

They are the sort of men who to this day remember discarded phone numbers in long moth-balled telephone exchanges like ORchard-6 or ELmwood-1, over the names of their children’s spouses. In our sentimental memories of Pete and Franzie, it is always late July, and they spend long humid days at the track sweating through their shirtsleeves–

812 East Palace Avenue

–and evenings playing endless games of pinochle with their wives on screened-in porches. And yet, when pressed, they seem to have an incalculable quantity of stories that involve them doing all sorts of things, none of which have anything to do with card games or horse-racing.

auction pinochle

Like this story, for instance, which begins at a bicycle race in the Alsace Lorraine.

in the alsace

Continued here…


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