Thesis Part 3

Right about now, an optimistic soul would review the litany of disaster, disease, heartache and death we’ve tallied off, and remind us that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics–cold hard fact thought it is–shouldn’t elicit existential despair.

Shift change at the Golden Circle

To many of a certain philosophical bent, the effects of the Second Law have implications that are monumentally hopeful and even down right religious. Consider that, if indeed we live in a universe that is beholden to measurable, ever-increasing amounts of entropy–if we’re on a downward and inevitable slide into chaos, than we should be able to look backwards up the slide.

It Tastes Good Even When You're Angry

The believer can then trace her way backwards up the scale into a prehistory of exponentially-increasing order and harmony. Somewhere up there at the top of the slide is a dewy green morning, a faerie queen, an eden, a gentle bodhisattva–the perfect singularity–the hand of god.

Toomey Blvd

Conversely, a doe-eyed and quite optimistic humanist might entreat us to consider that the Second Law is just a fancy way of measuring impermanence.

The 6-Flavor Candy Bar

And to the optimist, measuring impermanence is just plain silly–there ain’t no getting around it, and why would you want to? Love, laughter and orgasms cannot exist in a vacuum. Wonderful things end, but then so do terrible things.

Visit Historic Point Obsolesence

Like the fella says, “all that meat and no potatoes, just ain’t right, like green tomatoes.”

The Tollgate Tavern

Continued here…


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